Transitions (a.k.a. Obligatory First Post, a.k.a Obligatory New Year Post)


Cheetos and Coke—the perfect combo to waste away a fine non-working holiday.

This should probably be the last time I do this. After all, I promised to run again and get back to much-neglected physical fitness activities. It’s not exactly a new year’s resolution, since I’ve been saying that for God-knows-how-long, but yeah—2013 is going to be a better year.

Not that 2012 was bad; I learned a lot of things, I’m still alive, I have my family, I’ve got my friends, and I’m still with my girl (5 years and counting). The past 365 or so days have been all about transition for me, though.

For starters, I worked for a bunch of different companies throughout the course of the year. I left what was my first job after 3 years and 8 months, then lasted several days in what passed for my attempt at an ad-agency career. I freelanced a bit for a few months after that before signing with another BPO’s marketing department, before leaving for a new job just this December.

In 2012, I learned a lot and made what I thought were some of the more adult decisions I’ve made my entire life in the process, and I learned where my priorities really lie. There’s really no room for excuses; you just get up and move forward.

With 2013 upon us, I’m looking forward to more permanence in my life. I’m cooking something up, something major for me. It might not be realized next year, or even the year after that. Rest assured, however, that I’ll be working hard to make great things happen. That’s not exactly a resolution, either—I think, bottom line, we all want what’s best for us.

Time for me to finish the last third of this bag of Cheetos. Maybe I’ll watch a movie or draw again after posting this. Anyway, I sure hope 2013 is going to be awesome for all of us.

Eat a lot, love a lot, and be happy—it’s the f***ing new year!


P.S. Pardon the image. It’s been weeks since I last touched my pen-tab. By the way, that’s supposed to be Lucky Me pancit canton, of which I expect to eat a lot later when the clock strikes midnight.